Sunday, June 15, 2008

Technical difficulties--really--we're trying!

Well, folks, we've been through three battery packs and have been trying to upload some photos, which may at least partially account for major battery drain in using juice, BUT we hope to rectify the problem tonight. You can be assured we'll keep working on it. 

Also, this property has been good to us from the standpoint of broadband signal...some of the National test sites will not have that luxury and I'll make trips when possible toward Stowe or Morrisville to accomplish connection. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. 

For now I can give you the update that presently a new total of 20 dogs have handled in addition to the 1 pickup. The sun is still high and warm although the wind has died down a bit. Work has overall remained constant throughout the day, regardless on wind direction with regard to the marks. A few changes have been noted on the blinds with earlier dogs falling more left of the blind and later dogs, with the North wind, being pushed right of the blind. We'll see what happens from here...

...and we'll continue to endeavor to solve technical, power and photo difficulties...

Thanks for reading!