Sunday, June 15, 2008

East or West?

Sometimes as I look around at the backdrop of this first and second series, I find myself thinking I'm out West. Well...not really, but kind of. And I'm not a kind-of sort of gal. 

Often the western Nationals have spectacular backdrops of various mountain ranges depending on the time zone and locale and without a doubt that scenery is always pleasing to behold. How can one tire of looking at such beauty? 

Today's scenery is also a sight to behold. With the test held on Kate and Pete Simond's beautiful property off Bliss Road, we are surrounded by Vermont's Green Mountains and the Mansfield Range. To the East is Mt. Elsmore and to our Southwest is Mt. Mansfield, a mountain with its own history in skiing lore. 

Gorgeous! Brought to us courtesy of these wonderful dogs we love, train and with whom we share our lives.