Sunday, June 15, 2008

(Quick Update)

As of dog #29, there have been 13 handles and 1 pick-up on the first setup. 

This morning The Weather Channel listed winds for the day as light and variable...variable has been the operative word thus far. The wind has lately shifted so that it is blowing from the North which is the direction the marks are set. The blind is to the East so the current wind for it is a cross-wind. Gusts are up to 15-20 knots on estimation. 

Dog work is quite varied with some dogs going wide outside and others behind the flyer and dogs running wide or inside, short and deep on the retired mark. Some dogs are getting in the water en route to the retired bird and then correcting nicely while others that elect to get wet end up getting lost deep of the bird and around the berm behind the pond. 

Another update as I write: We've run 60 dogs as of 2:30 p.m...will we be able to finish this setup tonight? Everything will have to go just right and the light will have to hold...and it will make for a loooong one (day that is)...time alone will tell. 

REMEMBER, for detailed information on handles and for test descriptions and test pictures/photos, please see Jean Wu's write-ups on our and click on the appropriate link or day. This is also the place to look for other related detail information such as data from the meetings....regarding meetings, due to the party last night followed by storms and numerous power outages, Jean was not able to update her page last night and will post information generated from the meetings in her report tonight.

Thanks for reading...