Monday, June 16, 2008

Did I say "We've got rain"...

You know the popular saying "You've got mail"....well, on a similar vein, "We've got rain" but, thus far we've been extremely fortunate...because it's been raining at night. Plenty of it, but all at night. How long that luck will hold remains to be seen but the weatherman promised to break our good pattern on this day. We'll see.

Rains hammered us again last night--but it's good sleeping weather! If you can sleep at all with the National going on, that is.

The morning dawned overcast and in the mid-50's, but with no precipitation. You can smell it in the air, however. 

Since the test has carried over into today, many folks have the opportunity to sleep in or to go and get a hearty breakfast at one of the excellent eateries in town, and those folks with no dogs left to run on this test may also, of course, be out training for the next test. 

Fewer folks are on the grounds this morning but the line area was still crowded as test dog was run by Don Driggers at 6:58 a.m. this morning and his dog did an exemplary job on the test. The first running dog for today, #74, FC-AFC Fat City Pacer with DeWitt Boice, came to the line at 7:25 a.m. 

Visibility is not ideal this morning.

As of this moment, six dogs have run and two of them have handled on the retired bird of the marks.