Monday, June 16, 2008

Triple Threats

This National began with what could be a record number of handlers with three dogs entered. Although circumstances have skewed those statistics somewhat due to a few scratches, this is worthy of mention in my book. 

This "category" was comprised of Judy Rasmusson, Jack Vollstedt, Ted Shih, Clint Joyner, Charlie Hines, and Tommy Parrish (one owned by Tommy and two owned by Kip Kemp) when the entries closed. 

Since then, although Jack and Ted have three dogs in the catalogue, they're each only running two dogs and for different reasons. 

Jack was only able to fly two dogs and had to make a tough decision on who to leave behind. Angel drew the short straw. 

Ted's dog, Buffy, tore her ACL in pre-National training, this soon after recovering from injury, repair and rehabilitation to her other ACL.   

Judy's dogs include #43--FC-AFC Hardscrabble Carbunnation "Fizz"; #54--FC-AFC Emberain Beau Geste "Beau"; and #80--AFC Topbrass Band on the Run "Band"...Jack's dogs include #28--Volwood's Big Old Rex "Rex"; #39--FC-AFC Volwood's Peaches and Cream "Peaches"; and #105--FC-AFC Volwood's Angel "Angel"...Ted's dogs include #62--Freeridin Maserati "Mozzy"; #79--FC-AFC Freeridin Smooth Operator "Mootsie"; and #97--FC-AFC Freeridin Vampire Slayer "Buffy"...Clint's dogs include #61--FC-AFC Carolina's Smoke on the Water "Little Man"; #92--FC-AFC Carolina's Electrik Gypsy "Girlie"; and #109--Carolina's Acoustic Storm "Sister"...Charlie's dogs include #72--FC-AFC Nick of Time Wild Wind Dusty "Dusty"; #89--FC-AFC Nick of Time Lone Ranger "Ranger"; and #102--FC-AFC Windy City's Secret Signal "Cody"...and Tommy's dogs include #37--Wild Chase for Blue "Chase"; #81--FC-AFC It's all over Now Baby Blue "Blue" (owner Kip Kemp); and #118--AFC Alpha Minnie Pearl "Minnie" (owner Kip Kemp). 

Of honorary mention in the Triple Threat category are Mac and Lynne DuBose as Mac has two dogs and Lynne has one as mentioned in the Cape Fear Crew post.  

Quite an accomplishment, folks! Good luck!