Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Candid Comments going into the fourth series...

From time to time I'll post comments and thoughts from handlers and pro trainers related to this National. Here are a few thus far:

John Pampy, Las Vegas, Nevada, on the third series water blind: "Well, it didn't have much water. I'd have liked to have seen more water in it, you know, more of a traditional water blind. But we run what they set up."

Jerry Kamphius, West Olive, Michigan, on the water blind: "Well, it was okay for a National third series water blind. It was a bit ticky-tacky, but you see that in short blinds."

Andrea Meisse from Rocky Point, North Carolina on the water blind: "They got it done quickly and it was okay for this stage in a National."

Hugh Arthur, pro trainer from Lincolnton, Georgia...a general comment: "Less is more. The less water you get in these first four series, the more chance you have to get back."